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We all know how popular Samba music and dance is in Brazil and the importance of the Samba at the Rio Carnival, but did you know this dance style originated from Africa via African slaves who were brought to what is now known as Brazil to work in the plantations. Tendances de la mode The word ‘Samba’ means to pray/invoke your own god/saint and originally these dances were considered a ‘sin’ and the authorities tried to ban this music/dancing style many times! As the years passed, the popularity of this celebratory dance style grew until it eventually became part of the Brazilian culture.

We introduced a Friday night ‘Carnival Night’ at our restaurant in Kusadasi last year and it proved so popular that we continued with it this holiday season! We think it’s a great way to celebrate the start of the weekend and we have guests of all ages enjoying the dance show and joining in with some samba dancing. It’s a great way to ‘work off ‘ a delicious Planet Yucca dessert!!

If you want to join us for dinner, live music and a bit of a celebration on a Friday night when you are in Kusadasi, you can reserve your table and free, local taxi service easily via our reservation section on our website .