In the summer of 2020, most of us could not live the holiday they had expected, and the pandemic affecting the world touched all of us, changing our plans. We all miss returning to our old normals, and now we are gradually starting to leave these difficult days behind. We all deserve an enjoyable vacation at the end of tough times, while the sun warms us, the deep blue sea, and the coolness of the deep blue sea. You missed Kuşadası, we missed you so much, and it's almost time to get back.
Planet Yucca Restaurant has begun to prepare for the new season in Kuşadası, as it was in the old days, to continue being an indispensable part for you. We will continue to be part of your unforgettable vacation memories in Kuşadası with local and international meals, grills & steaks, kebabs, curries, pizza & pastas, sea food, turkish, chinese, indian, mexican cuisines, delicious selection menu, cocktails refreshing hot summer nights, live music and shows. We look forward to meeting you.